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Why Sell Your Oil & Gas Royalties?

One thing we have learned since 1997, every royalty owner has a different reason to sell off all or a portion of their royalties. More often than not, landowners have found selling off a portion of their royalties is a great way to avoid going to the bank for capital needs.

We have had royalty owners sell a portion of their royalties to buy a ranch, we had sellers that wanted to fund a dream wedding. Some have liquidated a portion of their royalties due to unfortunate family emergencies where they needed cash.

Other reasons royalty owners have sold:

  • Tax Savings
  • Clear up Estate Issues
  • Liquidity for another investment opportunity
  • Get rid of the hassles of managing their own royalties

Whatever the reason, Noble can accommodate your needs with a prompt closing.

To begin the process, click the “Request Bid” button for a free no-obligation review of your property.

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