Noble Royalties has acquired over $1.5B in Mineral Rights since 1997


the nri way

We’ve Streamlined the Process and do all the heavy lifting

Noble Royalties developed a proprietary property evaluation system that allows us to import your current check data, that when in the hands of our engineering team, can quickly create the information our acquisitions team needs to make an offer.  Upon acceptance, Noble Royalties handles all the paperwork to ensure a prompt closing.

'We received many letters making unsolicited low offers. Noble took our actual check data, spent time discussing our property and personal needs, and made us a much higher offer.

 They handled everything.  I’m glad we didn’t take the first offer.'

Roger F, Austin, tx



As one of the largest Independent Mineral Buyer in America, we receive significant opportunities to evaluate and acquire.  We are currently focusing our expertise, evaluations and acquisitions in several regions of the country. We have an evaluation process that will allow us to quickly determine our level of interest to facilitate your needs.


Your time is valuable, and it is our goal is to let you know our level of interest quickly.  If your asset fits our area of expertise and criteria, we will contact you to follow up with our full evaluation process. The purpose is for both of us to know your asset very well so that you may receive Real Market Value.

Why sell your oil & gas Royalties?

Decrease Volatility and Increase Certainty

Allow Broader Family Estate Planning

Eliminate Hassles - Management & Tax work

Moderation - Keep Some Minerals, Sell Some Minerals

If you remain uncertain of the various options when selling your mineral, royalty and orri rights, our automated proposal system will actually provide you with several options along the way.


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