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The Proposal Process Explained

Noble has evaluated thousands of assets since 1997. We have simplified the process so as to provide you with a quick response.

PHASE 1: Review


Since Noble owns minerals in 29 states, it is very helpful for you to fill out as much of the form below as possible. The information you provide is private and never shared or sold. Our acquisitions team will evaluate your information and a team member will quickly respond with a level of interest.


Help us help you maximize your offer by providing as much detail as you can upfront. If you can provide copies of recent check stubs, property & tract information, this helps immensely in our initial review.





If interested, you will be contacted by our team to take a deeper dive into your property. The acquisition team verifies acreage, ownership, and revenue so that they can forecast and provide more beneficial terms for you and your needs.


If you remain uncertain of the various options when selling your mineral, royalty and orri rights, our automated proposal system will actually provide you with several options along the way.


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