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Founded in 1997 by Scott Noble, Noble Royalties began assisting owners interested in monetizing their sub-surface rights by acquiring their mineral rights, royalties and overriding. He learned that buyers historically had been sharing little information and subsequently making offers below “Real Market Value”.   Mr. Noble knew that by internally evaluating with more depth, he could pay a “Real Market Value” and sellers would accomplish their personal or estate planning goals.  Noble Royalties quickly became respected and one of the largest independent mineral/royalty buyers in the nation.  Acquiring over $1,500,000,000 in minerals, royalties & ORRI, Noble has a deep understanding of owners and is able to offer a better owner experience.

Selling Your Minerals, Royalty and ORRI

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Recently, we have all witnessed volatility in oil and gas prices. The pricing impacts not only the revenue, but also the operators’ interest in the future development of your property.  Noble Royalties core principles are based on a disciplined approach toward property evaluations.  Noble evaluates the entire life of the property not just cycles.  Noble’s team of engineers uses the latest technologies to ensure our offer will be based on real data to determine value. We are flexible to the owner’s desire by acquiring all or a portion of their mineral, royalty and ORRI estate.  Noble enjoys working directly with each mineral, royalty and ORRI owner, offering real market value prices for their asset, and has built a referral based business because of these mutually beneficial relationships.


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'Historically, minerals owners were limited to the volatility and uncertainty of revenue, pricing and development. In 1997, I felt there was need to develop a business that gave mineral owners a serious financial option with certainty and has since brought joy to hundreds of families nationwide.'

A. Scott Noble

Noble  helps add certainty to an uncertain future

No one can predict the price of oil and gas, nor guarantee where the next well will be drilled. Noble Royalties can, however, uses the latest technology along with an experienced team to deliver a Real Market Value based on facts.  Noble helps add certainty that you are getting the best possible price for your asset.

If you remain uncertain of the various options when selling your mineral, royalty and orri rights, our automated proposal system will actually provide you with several options along the way.


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