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Noble Royalties

Since 1997, Noble Royalties has specialized in acquiring and managing oil, gas, & coal royalty properties with proven production histories and potential for growth. To date, NRI has completed over 200 acquisitions with a value of over $1 billion dollars into both producing and non-producing oil royalties, gas royalties, and overriding royalties.

Noble has over 145,000 distinct royalty interests in producing oil & gas wells in 30 states making Noble Royalties one of the nation’s largest independent oil royalty and gas royalty buyers in the industry.

Noble Royalties staff of Oil & Gas Experts seeks to provide maximum value to royalty owners interested in selling through sound engineering and a very disciplined acquisition model. For many sellers of oil & gas royalties this is a new process – Noble’s experience and infrastructure allows the entire process from evaluation to closing to go smoothly answering your questions every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide oil & gas royalty, mineral owners and those with royalty interests with a fair offer and the ability to close quickly.

Interested in learning more? Our team is standing by ready to help. Please contact Noble Royalties acquisitions team or fill out the Request a Bid form and a representative will contact you.

There is no obligation and the entire process is confidential and discrete.

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